If you are making a special journey to our shop, and will be arriving toward the end of our opening hours, please do ring to check we will be open. 
When we have courses running in the evening, we close an hour early at 4.00pm and if we have an afternoon course running on Wednesday afternoons, we close at noon.​​

We are in premises on the south side of Bookham with excellent parking, at Grove Corner.
​Come and visit, browse, ask questions, if there is anything may want us to keep in the shop, say and we will do our best.


February....the month of "lurve"!!  We are taking a different view of love this month - we love tapestry.

We have kits from Jolly Red and new in are some Hannah Bass alphabet tapestries (as stocked in Liberty's) in the shop, as well as some children's beginner kits.

In our window we have a number of tapestries, 6 of which tell the creation story.  God may have taken 6 days, these took me nearly 10 years!!

Day One - God created light

Day Two - God separated the sky and the waters. 

Day Three - God gather the waters into oceans and dry land emerged.  All types of grass and seed bearing plants appeared.

Day Four - God created the sun, moon and stars that give us day and night.

Day Five - God created fish and birds. 

Day Six - God created every kind of animal.

Do check out our workshop page, our courses went down very well in January (as did the cake!) and we look forward to booking you onto one …… or more!

A reminder about KNIT, NATTER, CROCHET and CHATTER that meets every 2 weeks - 7-8.30pm at Ye Olde Windsor Castle, Bookham.  Do bring your wool, needles and hooks, or any other portable craft... and enjoy...The dates of meetings for Feb are Tuesday 12th and 26th and also the 12th and 26th in March too.