If you are making a special journey to our shop, and will be arriving toward the end of our opening hours, please do ring to check we will be open. 
When we have courses running in the evening, we close half an hour early at 4.30pm and if we have an afternoon course running on Wednesdays, we close an hour early, at noon.​​

We are in premises on the south side of Bookham with excellent parking, at Grove Corner.
​Come and visit, browse, ask questions, if there is anything may want us to keep in the shop, say and we will do our best.


HAPPY NEW YEAR to all who see this!

It's amazing how quickly Christmas whizzes into the past and the thought of the new year takes over - a new lease of life, the perfect time to start something new.  We have a link to an article on our Facebook page about how knitting can help improve our mental health, the pleasure of making something by hand cannot be over exaggerated in our view, and really can make a difference in your life.

January is usually a coldish month and so inspired the January window.  The hand cut snowflakes took a while but I was using thin old paper (which made cutting layers easier) from times when copies of letters were carbon copies!! 

We have a lovely lot of new courses this term, do check out our pages...… and come and join us.....

Why not read the report on our News page about  the mental benefits of knitting..... as if you need proof!

Also KNIT, NATTER, CROCHET and CHATTER starts up again on alternate Tuesday evenings as from 15th January, 7-8.30pm at Ye Olde Windsor Castle, Bookham.  Do bring your wool, needles and hooks, and enjoy...